Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jacob Bogatin: What are warts?

Warts are a skin disease that is characterized by small tumor-like formation of noninflammatory character. According to Jacob Bogatin warts are skin tumors in size from a pinhead (1-2 mm) to 1 cm or more.

Why do warts appear?

Warts are caused by viruses (a group of human papillomavirus). Papilloma virus that causes warts, is transmitted directly by contact with other patients or through any items of common use. The incubation period for this infection is several months.

What are the types of warts?

There are several types of warts.
Common warts - a dense painless nodules round (3-10 mm in diameter) with a rough surface. They are located on the back of the hand, fingers, face, scalp.

On the soles of a so-called plantar warts. Jacob Bogatin claims they are usually painful and consist of bundles of thread-like papillae, vallate the powerful horn layers, resembling corn. Appearance of plantar warts promotes constant pressure and friction shoes.
Flat (junior, juvenile) warts - is small (0,5-3 mm) nodules of normal skin-colored or yellowish, round or polygonal with smooth surface of the flattened, barely protruding above the skin. They are located usually on the face and back of the hand. More often observed in young adults, especially among schoolchildren.

Another version of the warts are genital warts (papillomas, continuous. "Papillomas"). But that's another story. This disease if for such medicine brances as urology, gynecology and venereology.

The diagnosis of warts according to Jacob Bogatin is based on the clinical picture. Warts can hide behind a mask of other skin diseases, so that the naked eye, they are not always distinguished. For example, plantar warts must be distinguished from corn, and genital warts from the broad.

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