Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jacob Bogatin: Once again about moles

Popular belief that the more moles a person has, the more happier he will be, but Yakov Bogatin and other the doctors refute: often just a mole are at the root of occurrence in a person of such life-threatening conditions as melanoma, or skin cancer. What factors affect this, when the moles on your body are dangerous and threaten human life?

Indeed, the more moles on the human body are, the more likely that some of them will degenerate into a dangerous melanoma. Birthmark itself is benign tumors on the body, consisting of immature or altered cells of the epidermis. Moles do not threaten human life and health, as sometimes only a cosmetic defect. But under certain circumstances, a mole suddenly begin to grow, penetrating deep into the skin to form metastases, the site of moles formed malignant cells, which can rapidly divide and grow, giving rise to cancer.

In medicine, there is a certain standard for calculating the risk of melanoma: if a person has on the body of 20 or more moles - it already has a high chance of malignant melanoma in the future.

According to Yakov Bogatin the localization of moles is very diverse - they may be either on the face, and in closed areas of the body in the inguinal folds on the limbs, the elbow and knee folds on the scalp, on the red border of lips and eyelids, and even on the soles and palms.

Moles can not in any way to burn home remedies, bandage, cut off. Should be extremely cautious when a mole comes under the bra straps, a belt, skirt and receives a constant irritant.

Doctors have a special test for moles, called ABCD, which helps to estimate when the moles on your body are dangerous and to identify the mole, pathological changes.

Pathology test moles according to Yakov Bogatin.

A - this letter corresponds to the concept of "asymmetry." Moles are always round, but if some of them changed shape and became asymmetric - it is a serious reason to consult your doctor for advice.

B - «border», ie, the edge of a mole. Edge of normal moles nepatologichnoy clear, limiting her range. When degeneration of the edge of a mole lose distinct form, merge with the skin or take the border with notches and with tumors, with a reddening of the skin around and peeling, itching. In the case of fuzzy boundaries should seek medical advice immediately.

C - «colour», ie, the color of a mole. Birthmark normally has a uniform brown or light - bronze color. In the pathology of a mole becomes black, purple, red, white or a few colors. This is also a serious cause, immediately seek medical advice.

D - diameter of a mole. Normal mole small in diameter and has no property to increase. Pathological processes cause the mole to grow in diameter. With a diameter of a mole over 6 mm should necessarily consult a physician.

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