Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jacob Bogatin: The Power of the Dead Sea

Healing Power of Dead Sea water has been known since ancient times. Its unusual name of this sea was in ancient times because its waters with a 30 per cent concentration of salts and minerals, almost no living organisms.

According to Jacob Bogatin the unique natural Dead Sea salt is a clean mixture of 26 minerals and trace elements. Sea Salt Dead Sea has a unique composition - if the normal sea water 90% sodium chloride (salt), here the content does not exceed 15-20%.

The main part of Dead Sea salts are:

Chlorine - One of the main regulators of osmotic pressure in the cell, supporting the necessary moisture balance

Magnesium - increases the viability of cells and is of great importance as anti-stress mineral, possesses anti-allergic effects. The lack of magnesium accelerates aging.

Sodium - supplies energy and, together with chlorine regulates the level of moisture in the cells.

Calcium - strengthens connective tissue, plays an important role in the processes of skin metabolism, wound healing and prevent infection.

Potassium - improves the penetration of nutrients into the cell through the cell membrane, regulates the level of moisture in the cells.

Brome - has anti-stress and antiseptic properties.

Jacob Bogatin confirms that the unique properties of Dead Sea salts have been used successfully in treating a wide range of diseases, as sea salt is used as a preventative tonic and cosmetics.

Let us dwell on some methods for therapeutic Dead Sea salts in the home.

Cosmetic and relaxing bath

Baths with sea salt have a recycling and a stimulating effect on the skin, nourish the skin micro and macro, improves skin elasticity. The use of salts promotes removal of fatigue, is used as a sedative with neurosis, insomnia, stress, to improve body tone, raising the emotional background, performance, mood.
For relaxation and beauty treatments to dissolve in very hot water 250-300 g of salt, then add warm water bath and bring the water temperature to 37-38 ° C. Take a salt bath for 20-25 minutes. After the procedure to take a warm shower without soap and relax.

For relaxation especially useful to use salt baths with natural essential oils. According to Jacob Bogatin effect of natural aromatic oils enhances healing properties of Dead Sea salt.

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