Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yakov Bogatin: Nature of stressful situations

Stressful situations arise at home and at work. From the point of view of management, the greatest interest is represented by organizational factors which cause stress on workplaces. Jacob Bogatin thinks that it is a must for everyone to be aware of these factors and pay to them special attention. It will help to prevent many stressful situations and to raise efficiency of administrative work, and also stress is the reason of many diseases so, does to reach the purposes of the organisation with the minimum psychological and physiological losses of the personnel. After all notable harm to health of the person whereas health - one of conditions of achievement of success in any activity. Therefore personal factors causing stress should be considered as well. Except the reasons of occurrence of stresses, the stressful condition of an organism - stressful pressure, its basic signs and the reasons is analyzed.

Stress can be translated from the English language as a strong pressure or pressing. According to G.Sele and J.Bogatin, the stress is nonspecific (i.e. same on various influences) the answer of an organism to any demand made to its which helps it to adapt to the arisen difficulty to cope with it. Any unexpectedness which breaks a habitual current of a life, can cause stress. Thus, as Yakov Bogatin marks, has no value, the situation which we have faced is pleasant or unpleasant. Intensity of requirement for reorganisation or in adaptation matters only. As an example the scientist results exciting situation: one mother has been that her only son died in the fight and she experiences a terrible nervous shock. Then Jacob Bogatin adds that if this is not true and after a bunch of years it appears that the message was false and the son unexpectedly enters into a room healthy and safe she will feel the strongest pleasure. This was just an example of a stressful situation.

According to Jacob Bogatin specific results of two events – a grief and pleasure – are absolutely various, even are opposite, but their stressful action – the nonspecific requirement of the adaptation to a new situation – can be identical.

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