Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jacob Bogatin: The reasons and signs of stressful pressure

Reducing efficiency and well-being of an individual, the excessive stress of the employees costs much to the organisations. According to Jacob Bogatin many problems of employees which are reflected in their earnings and results of work, and on health and well-being of employees, root in a psychological stress. The stress directly and indirectly increases expenses for achievement of the purposes of the companies and reduces quality of life for the big number of workers.

The stress can be caused by the factors connected with work and activity of the organisation or events of private life of the person.

Jacob Bogatin considers those factors operating in the organisation which cause stress.

1. An overload or too small work load, i.e. the task which should be finished for the concrete period of time.

It means that employees have been simply given unreasonable quantity of tasks or unreasonable level of output for the given period of time. In this case usually anxiety appears, frustration (feeling of wreck), and also feeling of hopelessness and material losses. However underload can cause precisely the same feelings. The worker who is not constantly been given tasks, corresponding to its possibilities, usually feels anxiety concerning the value and position in social structure of the organisation and feels obviously not rewarded.

2. The conflict of roles.

Jacob Bogatin claims that the conflict of roles arises when to workers are demanded much from.

The conflict of roles can occur also as a result of infringement of a principle of one-man management. Two people or two managers can give an employee inconsistent instructions. For example, Jacob Bogatin stresses this again, the factory manager can demand from the chief of shop as much as possible to increase output while the chief of checking department demands observance of the quality standards.

The conflict of roles can result also from distinctions between norms of informal group and requirements of the formal organisation. In this situation according to Jacob Bogatin the individual can feel pressure and anxiety because wishes to be accepted by group, on the one hand, and to observe management requirements on the other hand.

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