Sunday, September 13, 2009

Edema of feet

Is it true that edema appears because of illness of veins? At varicose expansion of veins edema appearance, but, as a rule, patients seldom complain of their occurrence. Edema of feet at varicose illnesses arise gradually, in the beginning is hardly noticeable. Strengthening of edema is standing connected with a finding of the person in vertical position and it is marked by the evening. After a dream edema of the feet disappears and again can appear only within second half of day. With progressing of other signs of disease edema of the feet becomes more appreciable. As a rule, edema of the feel is combined with trophic infringements (skin pigmentations). Edema is usually not symmetrized and as a rule can only be found on one foot.

Yakov Bogatin says that edema of the feet appears because outflow of blood is broken and considerably hydrostatic pressure in veins raises. Long stagnation of blood causes pressure increase at first in large veins, and then in the smallest vessels. In capillaries hydrostatic pressure usually above, than in intercellular spaces and consequently tends to squeeze out a liquid of vessels in a fabric — arises a hypostasis.

Edema of the feet can testify to presence of other diseases. For example, the expressed hypostasis of soft fabrics of one or both finitenesses, not stopping during the short period of time (from several o'clock about several days), is not characteristic for varicose expansions of hypodermic veins. The reason of defeat of one finiteness is the sharp thrombosis of deep veins, and two — a thrombosis or sharp warm insufficiency is more often. (The thrombosis of deep veins can be complication of varicose expansions of veins. The mechanism of formation of edema of the feet at chronic warm insufficiency same, as well as at varicose illnesses. But for them some features are special and they can’t be found at other diseases. One of the cores — strongly pronounced dependence on body position: if the person keeps constant impellent activity edema has a symmetric arrangement on both feet, mainly on shins, and at bed patients — in lumbar area.

Edema of the feet can arise and at a sharp thrombophlebitis, both deep, and superficial veins. But in this case they are always accompanied by clinical signs of an inflammation — redness, heat, pains on a vein course. There is edema of the feet because of infringement of outflow of a lymphatic (interfabric) liquid on lymphatic vessels much less often. Jacob Bogatin is sure that as a rule, edema signal about presence of any disease and consequently at their occurrence it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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