Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yakov Bogatin: Coffee dependence

Coffee is the strongest natural source of caffeine and the most widespread originator of dependence. Fine aroma and invigorating properties of coffee any more involve even more than hundreds of millions of a strong army of admirers, not without some pride calling coffee men. Yakov Bogatin considers that this pride originates in those days when because of the high price coffee was only accessible to the rich and it was an elite drink. Actually coffee dependence, as well as any other does not bring good and there is absolutely nothing to be proud here. Receiving the daily portion of pleasure from the coffee use you pay off with problems with health.

Yakov Bogatin is sure that coffee dependence comes as a result of the long daily use of coffee and the quantity of cups does not play a role as sometimes even one cup a day is enough. Signs of a coffee dependence:
– Not having received a habitual morning cup of coffee, the person feels irritated, blocked, unable to concentrate.
– The regular stool depends on the coffee use.
– If not to drink coffee over 24 hours, there is a strong pulsing headache which can be accompanied by a nausea and vomiting. The pain caffeine reception in any form acts in film.
If you have these signs it means that you are already a coffee-addict person. But anyway is it necessary to get rid of coffee dependence? Certainly, everyone decides for himself, but it is necessary to know, what consequences this habit may cause.

According to Yakov Bogatin coffee can aggravate various pathological conditions, therefore it is not recommended to be used at: hypertensions, heart ischemic illness or its frequent cases in a sort of arrhythmia, the increased level of cholesterol in blood, propensity to migraines, sleeplessness, increased uneasiness, a tremor, at any gastroenteric diseases, illnesses of uric system, prostate gland, fibrous mastopathy. Coffee can increase risk of an abortion during pregnancy.
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