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Hypotension or hypotonia

Hypotension or hypotonia (hypotension, hypopiesis) - the condition at which the arterial blood pressure is abnormally low. At a hypotonia top pressure below 90 mm hg, and diastolic pressure is below 60 mm hg.

A number of doctors
including Jacob Bogatin consider rather disputable the statement, that a hypotonia - illness, explaining the lowered tone of venous vessels as congenital predisposition of an organism to hypotensive reactions. Really, a part of people with lowered pressure do not feel any symptoms of the disease. But sometimes the hypotonia is the reason of bad state of health.

The basic symptoms of a hypotonia are:
- Weakness and weariness;
- Hypersensibility to a heat and a cold;
- The speeded up pulse at the raised physical activities;
- Infringement
of menstrual cycle at women.
It is required to hypotonics to more time for a dream, but, nevertheless, they often wake up the tired.

The hypotonia can develop at a person as a result of a considerable loss of a liquid or considerable loss of blood. Other reasons of development in the person of a hypotonia concern: a myocardium heart attack, lungs embolism, heavy infectious diseases, intoxication, allergic reactions, arrhythmia, sharp diseases of bodies of a belly cavity (for example, a pancreatitis) and also application of some medical products (for example, their overdose at hypertensia treatment).

Those people who are suffering from hypotonia have problems with their memory, they become disseminated, disabled. Emotional instability, irritability, a hypersensibility to bright light, loud speech prevails. The headache is often connected with fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, plentiful food intake, long stay "standing". Bogatin Jacob states that dizzinesses, stagging at walking, faints – all these are the possible symptoms of a hypotonia. Now the close connection of an arterial hypotonia with a syndrome of chronic weariness, depressive displays is revealed.

At the expressed hypotension peripheral blood circulation can be broken: a blood pressure thus to define it is not possible, pulse is considerably weakened, uropoiesis is suppressed. In this case, it is necessary to address to the doctor
at once then it is necessary to lay the patient on a flat surface and provide him with oxygen access. In case of need, the liquid and blood are entered intravenously.

The hypotonia
can also develop owing to a lack of vitamins E, C, B and pantothenic acids (В5).

It is very important to measure arterial pressure for hypotonics as well as to the people. As the arterial hypotonia can outgrow in a hypertension with the years or at artificial increase of pressure.

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