Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dandruff Problem

All people who have ever faced a dandruff problem (and such people are the majority) already for sure have in detail enough studied the given problem in details and subtleties. Do not think that this problem concerns just men and non applicable to women. Jacob Bogatin states that dandruff occurs both at women and men. For today the main version of occurrence of dandruff is infectious - the activator, Pityrosporum Ovale (Malassezia Furfur), also known as an is conditional-pathogenic fungus.

As soon as on a head skin there are suitable conditions for its rough reproduction, the result of it is the the changed cycle of development epidermal cages. The cycle is reduced about one week, and the cage by the end of this week has not time to pass full dehydration. As a result our head receives weight sticky, more often fat white-yellowish scales which quantity much more exceeds the norm and this is when these scales become noticeable by a naked eye. If besides that we have also an itch of a skin of the head, the separate centres of reddening on a head skin – then we definitely see all the symptoms of seborrhea.

Jacob Bogatin suggests that seborrhea is a serious disease of a skin which is characterised by superfluous tallow and a change of structure of a grease secret owing to accumulation in it of free fat acids. In the mechanism of development of this disease (except such factors as genetic, endocrinous, gastroenteric, stressful) considerable value is given to infringement of physiological balance of female and man's sexual hormones towards the last, that is especially expressed at youthful age.

However the quantitative and qualitative characteristic of skin fat depend also on a condition of nervous, digestive systems, type of food, accompanying diseases. At seborrhea bactericidal properties of a grease secret choke. It accumulates in channels of sebaceous glands and on a skin surface, creating conditions for development of pyococcus infections that is shown by formation of eels; it is promoted as a rule by wrong care of a skin. Current seborrhea diseases of a gastroenteric path aggravate, chronic infections, hypovitaminoses (especially And and) and also skin pollution. Seborrhea is recognised by one of the possible reasons of a head scalp thinning.

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