Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleeplessness is a big problem nowadays

According to Jacob Bogatin: Insomnia is not a disease and more likely it is an illness symptom, however rather painful that weakens the person, reducing his activity, depriving him a possibility to live to the full.

At the core of sleeplessness lay various processes connected with activity of nervous system and brain. Quite often the futher expansion of insomnia is promoted by a sclerosis of vessels and also neurotic stressful situations. Jacob Bogatin wrote also about the agression types and how aggression may lead to insomnia and futher destruction of an organism.

The sleeplessness is shown, both in the form of difficulty of getting to sleep, and in insufficiently deep dream interrupting during the night, for example, because of an insignificant noise. Having woken up, the person cannot repeatedly fall asleep any more, or falls asleep with in a considerable long period of time with strong efforts. Paradoxical situations - constant drowsiness and a sleeplessness are thus characteristics in the afternoon.

In the academic medicine the chemical medical products possessing somnolent effect are applied to the sleeplessness treatment but Jacob Bogatin rejects such a method of treatment and stands for the physchological one.

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